Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stranger than Fiction

We have bypassed strange and moved into the land of the completely absurd.

Just earlier today, we discussed our history of our ridiculous history with cars.

Today we made a short trip to a family reunion about 45 minutes away from home. We stayed there from 4 to 8 ish, walked around with my nieces and nephews, saw lots of tiny hopping frogs, then decided to head home.

We got onto the road that would spit us out two minutes away from home, discussing all sorts of things, including the ridiculous amount of car issues we've had. We were travelling peacefully, Toddlesworth was sleeping in the back seat, in a new carseat which had been given to us by a co worker.

No less than 15 minutes later, about 10 minutes away from home, from a side road to the main dark road, a dark truck booked it past a stop sign. I saw the speed he was heading at, realized he could not be planning to stop, and had only time to shout a warning before impact.

C managed to swerve left and avoid being completely T-boned, but the (dark truck?) still clipped the back passenger tire area. We spun 90 degrees and ended up on the wrong shoulder, facing the road. The guy didn't stick around, but continued on his way, leaving us with a confusedly awake toddler, a scraped elbow, and a bashed up rental car.


So our insurance is going to be taking a hit this week in any case. We'll have to deal with all that fun stuff in the morning.

For tonight, I'd like to stop and make an important point about car seats. The car seat we received was set for a smaller child, it would have been easy to strap Toddlesworth in as it was and say it was good enough, that I would fix it after the short trip.   I'm grateful I took the extra minute to adjust the straps. Even though it was a minor impact, it could easily have been worse. Without proper car seat use, even this minor impact may have been enough to seriously harm our baby.  My adrenaline after the wreck was due in a very large part to knowing how close my son may have come to serious injury.
Please, be sure your car seat is in usable condition. This includes being new or being sure it has not been in any accidents (depending on brand, some minor impacts are ok).  Be sure the straps are fitted properly to your child, snug, and untwisted. Be sure the latch system or seatbelt is as tight as possible (put your knee in the seat and your whole weight into it to get it as tight as possible!)  Rear face as long as possible. And of course, never rear face in the front seat of a car with airbags!

This is the first time we have been in any car incident with our baby. We are glad the car seat did its job. Remember, a car seat is the safest place in a car wreck-but only if it is used correctly!

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