Monday, October 21, 2013

The Highs and Lows of Parenting

By Lady I. Covington.

Toddlesworth and I are visiting my mother in Midland Tx. This is due to being jerked around a bit by the insurance company after the recent wreck(s) we had. I'll go into more detail on that and the rest of my trip to Miland soon. For now, I want to talk about some of the highs and lows of parenting I recently experienced

Yesterday was the best example of the highs and lows of parenting I've had in a long while. The day started a bit before 5:30, when Toddlesworth woke up screaming. He had lost his pacifier off of the bed we were in. I don't know how I can go to sleep with my glasses and phone right beside me and a peacefully sleeping pacified baby, and wake up with a screaming baby and none of those other things, but this was one of the days where that happened. I have terrible vision. I'm not legally blind but I've got to be pretty close. My glasses go on as soon as I open my eyes, and stay on until I go to sleep. I take them off to shower, but keep them on to swim.  So I was blind, with no light source, trying to search for a missing pacifier and comfort a screaming baby.  I did eventually find it with some help but it took him an hour to go back to sleep. By then I was up for the day.
So that was a low. 

The first major high point came as soon as he woke up. He toddled out of the room and to me, I asked if he needed to pee and he agreed he did. (He will sometimes deny it when I know he does need to.) I put him on the toilet and he peed, and he pointed to the pacifier and said "Gggrreeen!"  That is the first time he has matched up a color correctly with me. He loves colors, and can say many of them, but up until now when he liked the color on something he would just point to it and say "Color!"

We had a busy and fun day, and Toddlesworth was pretty well behaved the entire time. He was mostly cooperative when he needed to be held (My, I wish I'd brought a baby carrier!), and when he wanted down he'd point to the ground and say "Walk?"  When he was walking and wanted to run, he'd ask "Run?" and wait for me to say it was ok before he started running. My goodness, parking lots are much easier to navigate when your child asks you before he takes off running! I hope he keeps that up. We also tested out 'put your hand on the car' I think it will work in the future but this time he just decided that meant he had to touch every surface of the rental car.

The next low point came after dinner as we were watching "The Walking Dead." This next part is gross in a way that doesn't involve walking corpses, so if you've got  a weak stomach skip to the next paragraph! Toddlesworth got a tiny bit of candy stuck on the roof of his mouth and gagged it out. I thought he was ok, but a few seconds later it made him keep gagging and he vomited while standing on the couch facing me--basically directly onto my chest. I gasped in shock but out of instinct I was able to cup my hand and catch this disgusting torrent of potato bits  while I asked my mom to grab him. (Ok, I'm pretty sure I screamed "Don't get the camera! Get the baby!!" After grabbing a trash can it was much too late for, (He had already released another torrent of partially digested potato matter into my arms by then) my mom grabbed him. I stood up, cradling my armful of vomit like a baby, dumped it into the offered trash can, and headed directly to the shower. After I was cleaned up and he was wiped down, we headed to bed.

 Once we got settled into bed, Toddlesworth asked for Hush Little Baby, then 5 or 6 verses of "Ten in the Bed" He seemed like he was pretty thoroughly asleep, but before I could make my escape he turned over and threw his arm over my neck and nestled into me. That was pretty wonderful from a kid who's standard mode of affection includes repeatedly poking me in the eyes. I know it is a normal thing for kids to like their parents, but it is still a wonderful feeling.

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