Friday, October 4, 2013

The start of things

I'm hoping this will be the start of something big. 

I don't plan on this being a food blog, though it may occasionally feature in. So why include vegan in the title? In college, I met the man I would marry. We went vegan within a week of each other, without telling the other, all before we were together. I realized soon afterwards that that particular oddity would lead me to be seen as strange more often than all my other atypical bits put together. I was all but shunned by my some people in my circle of friends... which included the oddballs, the outsiders, the weird of the weird. Even though I was not militant about it, they scoffed at me when I mentioned my dietary choices; they seemed to take it personally. Somehow, this bit of weirdness was just Too Far.  I would say thereafter that I got more flak from coming out of the cupboard than from coming out of the closet. It proved to me how much I needed to be true to myself, and embrace all my weirdness.

I would say I was always atypical. After college, I thought about starting a blog, multiple times. I always convinced myself I had nothing interesting to say, that I led a boring life. In addition, my then boyfriend was the writer, not me. I hadn't wanted to be an author since I was in grade school. Surely I couldn't write about anything someone else wasn't already doing better?

Over time I came to realize just how off the wall and weird my life with my now-husband was and is. It is a reoccurring epiphany in our household. Some people have done stranger things, some people have traveled further or delved deeper into those things that make us atypical, but we are so varied in our weirdness I'd hazard a guess that there aren't many out there who have done half of the things we have.

And so I start this blog, in an attempt to chronicle the atypical life we lead; the areas in which we are developing our atypical family, and also to backtrack and make note of all the odd branchings that led us here.

Here are some of our atypical qualities that we hope to go into greater detail on:
Our relationship and all its strange aspects.
The odd career paths we've been on and are currently undertaking.
Our hobbies.
Our family life.

We hope you'll enjoy sharing our present, reminiscing about our past, and musing with us about what the future will bring!

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