Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toddlesworth Tuesday: Toddlesworth Levels Up

By Lord Covington

A dear friend of mine, we'll call him Miggy, and I have had a long running discussion about how realistic the level system of Dungeons and Dragons is.  Miggy has always said that learning is a more gradual thing, and you don't suddenly know how to do things you didn't before.  I have always been of the opinion that epiphanies are real things, and that you can have moments where new abilities manifest.
      Toddlesworth seems to share my point of view.  Lady Covington has expressed concern that he lags behind in language.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he demonstrates new abilities.  When we thought at 18 months he wasn't stringing more than one word together as he should have been, he began saying things like "what that?" "i sit" etc., several times a day.  It was as though he knew how, and just hadn't felt like  Maybe he just does it to prove us wrong.  It's not like being obstinate runs on both sides of his family or anything.
          Last week, Toddlesworth added "Happy" to his vocabulary.  This week, he began stringing 3 word phrases together!  He fell, and said " I fall down".  Since he wasn't injured, I think laughter is perfectly acceptable.
          His musical appreciation has leveled up to off Toddler Broadway now.  He has begun to request, well, demand, specific lullabys instead of taking what we sing.  I attempted to sing him to sleep with 'Stars' from Les Miserables.  He, with his eyes closed , shook his head and said " No! Bay-BEE?"  I asked him, do you want to hear Hush Little Baby?" "Yeah", he replied sleepily.  And so it went.  But he still appreciates the musical, though.  We were watching the opening scene to the 2012 Les Miserables. After 'Look Down played, he walked around for 5 minutes singing " Dooooown" , like baby Jean Valjean.
        He needs specific music to get his groove on as well, and is suddenly better able to indicate his preferences.  He has had  a toy called " Brainy Baby" that lights up and plays music for months, and has always enjoyed it. Latley he has began a fast caper/ shuffle across the rug. Its almost like an extra floppy, swaying tap dance. ( I solemnly promise to catch hm on video soon)  However, out of all the songs and beats, he will only dance to "Rockin' Robin.
        I remain swelled with pride that he loves music and words so. It's interesting to me how he suddenly is more capable in so many directions, seemingly without precedent.  I look forward to a new and exciting adventure next week.

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