Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Toddlesworth Tuesday: Toddlesworth's Evolving Ritual

Toddlesworth has had a waking and bedtime ritual since he has been able to talk.  Upon getting sleepy, and usually while sitting on one of our laps, he will begin to lean repeatedly back and forth, hugging each of us.  He will point at me and say " DAH-ee", with an enormous grin. He will continue pointing and insisting "DAH-ee, DAH-ee. Dah." until we confirm that I am, indeed, his dad.  He will then cuddle Lady Covington, and say " mah- MAH". with the same grin. If we don't acknowledge his naming of us soon enough, it will turn into poking and insistent questioning. "mah-MAH?! MAH?"  Sometimes I think he's just bubbling over with pride at his words and wants us to know. Occasionally, he will do this with pictures of us on our driver's licenses or something similar. His ritual fills me with a warm serene glow.
        This week, he added a new action to his ritual.  He was laying on our bed, gazing sleepily at us.  "DAH-ee", he beamed, pointing at me.  "I'm your dad", I reassured him. "Mah-MAH", he repeated, pointing at Lady C. "Yes, that's your mom."  Then , for the first time, he pointed at his own chest and said " Meeee".  I was awestruck.  Lady C. and I exchanged stunned glances before assuring him "Yes! Yes, you ARE you!" How often does anyone get to witness the 1st symptoms of self awareness in another being?  I am blessed and lucky.

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