Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toddlesworth Tuesday: Talkative Toddlesworth

by Lady Covington

First, I know we're a day late, but better that than a day late AND a post short!

In the past week, Toddlesworth has begun being super talkative. He has gone from a couple two and three word 'sentences' ("I sit.") to four and five word ones. ("I pour the water out." "I got a sucker!") A couple days ago my mother was visiting and we tried our hand at a crane game. I won Toddlesworth a stuffed zombie, and for the next hour he happily declared "I got it! I got a zombie!" He also spent much of that weekend chasing his second cousin around being a zombie. (growling, reaching his hands out after her).

Toddlesworth has always been pretty good at communicating; we did baby sign language early on and the occasional sign still pops up. I feel like we're on the dawn of a new age though being able to process more complicated thoughts with him. Instead of just pointing to his bed when he gets tired, he will walk up to us, put his arm over his eyes and say "I sleepy. Bed. Sleep." Or if something appeals to him he will say "I like it! I want it!" While that last part is really cute when it is about

It might be boring to hear about someone else's kids developing vocabulary, but I promise it is awesome when it is occurring to you.

A few other things have been happening in the last couple of weeks, that aren't directly related to Toddleworths development.. We bought a new (used) vehicle, and we are dealing with fallout from one of the two automobile accidents that happened to us back to back last month. The weather here has gotten very cold very quickly, so our at least weekly trips to the state park have been put on hold for now. We may continue them once I have dug some winter wardrobe items out of storage.

I am working on a couple of posts to show of our living and working situations, and plan to include current living space pictures, so I'm also working on getting it picture worthy! I should be able to get the first part up tomorrow.

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