Friday, February 7, 2014

Chemistry Bathroom Makeover

Please forgive the lateness of this post. My computer crashed and is in the shop, and I began this post on Lord C's computer only to leave that one unplugged and lose everything. The good thing is that is wasn't a terribly long post.

I had been feeling the need recently to redo a room, and since we live in such a small space, the only really defined room is the bathroom. I went with a chemistry theme makeover because I had seen a few bathrooms done in that style in the past and since I knew I already had several great props, I felt I could knock it out of the park.

The centerpiece is this shower curtain, ordered from my favorite website, ThinkGeek you should go to only if you feel like being parted with some money.

You may notice here if you look closely, that our toilet paper holder is broken. We haven't gotten around to fixing it because when you have a toddler, the towel rack becomes the toilet paper holder.... unless you enjoy fishing entire rolls out of the toilet.
I used the colors from the curtain in other areas. I got green and blue bath mats, and a pink toilet cover which ended up not fitting. I plan to get some pink towels instead, maybe even customized with "11, C, Covington, 10.21". You get no pictures of the floor mats, because,well... they are bathroom floor mats. Suffice to say that they match pretty well and aren't spotless  : ).  

I'm sure you've seen the atomic symbol words that have been floating around the internet for some time now. I wanted some wall decor, so I made these: 

They wouldn't stick on the bathroom wall with my usual method of velcro command strips, probably due to it being a moist environment, so I bought some thumb tacks to keep them in place.

I also found a sign to liven up the boring bland brownish shower wall. I adjusted the color and got a cheap print out and laminate job (My thanks to an awesome Staples associate!)

And finally, the unveiling of the main event behind the curtain:

Each tube is filled with either shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or for the large blue bottle, bubble bath.  I had considered labeling them similarly to the wall art, but so far we've been able to keep track of what is what.  We already had many of the props thanks to Toddleworth's Mad Scientist photo shoot, all I bought was the chrome test tube holder, which is really just a toothbrush holder.

The only thing I still want to do is make chemistry-themed bath fizzes. I couldn't find citric acid locally, but I was able to get some online so I should be able to complete that project soon. In the meantime, I did make some homemade bath salt which turned out nice. (The green jar) As an aside, my collection of essential oils gathered in Corpus Christi (The Tango Tearoom is one of the best suppliers of essential oils I have ever found!)  leaked and dissolved the labels and thus became unrecognizable while in storage, so I am working with mystery oils. I cleaned them and smelled them, and sorted them as best I could to into similar scents: (something tree-like, some sort of citrus fruit, smells like a hippie store, etc...) I plan to use them up with bath products... it should lead to a few interesting presents.

I may do a slight extension of this theme to the sink area which holds our tooth brushes. If I do, I'll update afterwards.  It is not a perfectly executed theme, but I am very happy with the results.  

Do you have any themed rooms currently, or would you consider a themed room? If so, what theme?

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