Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Made Arts!

Almost one year ago, I had been painting for only a bit over a month. I stumbled across the Stars of Texas juried art exhibit. It welcomes entries from artists from all over Texas and gets curators or artists from Texas museums or Universities to judge entries. It was my first exposure to art here in Brownwood, and it led me to finally discovering the Brownwood Art Association.  Lord Covington viewed the show with me, remarking that I was already better than some of the artists. I did not agree, but  I said that I hoped to be good enough in a year to try to get into the show.

One of the requirements is that your pieces must be framed and ready for hanging, so I used the majority of my paycheck’s ‘fun money’ to buy frames and enter two pieces into the show. I was prepared to be throwing money away, but had to take the chance. They didn’t both get in, but one of them did! It was my steampunk piece dubbed “Kinetic Kraken.”  I am proud to have achieved my goal of being in the show after painting for only a year. It was not something I was sure to achieve. I have an artist’s listing booklet that I will be adding to my portfolio of work, proud to see my name listed with many great local artists.

Here is the work in question:
Just yesterday I participated in a paint off associated with the Stars of Texas show. Artists joined together in the ballroom of the depot where the show is being displayed, set up easels and tables for artwork, and began painting as early as 9:30. I ran slightly behind and probably started painting at 10 am.  I finished my painting about 2:30; we were allotted until 3:30 if needed. In four and a half hours I painted the largest canvas I have painted. The canvas itself was a gift from a friend, which I saved for a special occasion. This was the final result:

I am pretty pleased with it. I did notice some things I would change, but overall I pulled off what I was going for and I wasn't sure I would be able to. All of the paintings were open for bidding for a 30 minute period before judging. Unfortunately there were very few bidders at the show, and only a few pieces were bid on. I do want to sell it, mostly because I'm not sure I have room to keep it (but if I can't sell it, I'll find room somehow!) The problem is that I really liked painting a huge canvas, so much so that I might get a few more to paint on. I'll really be in trouble if they start piling up!
 I have received tons of support from friends and family on my artwork, and I appreciate it greatly. It means a lot to me that all my wonderfully talented artist friends think I have talent!

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