Friday, February 14, 2014

Toddlesworth's Tuesday: The Terrifying Tunes of Toddlesworth

Toddlesworth's love of all things zombie and monster continues to grow. He will often insist that we zombify/monsterify things, and lately that has extended to his lullabies.

He currently has several that he will ask for.

Based on "five little monkeys jumping on the bed" Lord Covington and I each made up a version on alternating nights putting him to bed.

My version:
"Five little zombies jumping on the bed.
One fell off and lost his head.
Mummy called the doctor and the doctor said:
No more zombies jumping on the bed!"

Lord C's version:
"Five little zombies chomping on your head.
One fell down and now he's dead.
Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said:
No more zombies jumping on the bed!"

Then there is the one based on 'ten in the bed.'

"There were ten in the grave and the little one said 'roll over, roll over!'
They all rolled over and ate some brains. There were nine in the grave...."

Note that he fully understands it is zombies in the grave, even though the word itself is not mentioned.

Lately he has been singing "The itsy bitsy spider" and yesterday he requested I come up with a zombie version. And of course, there had to be associated hand movements.
Put on the spot (because he's never all that patient,) this is what I came up with. (During me brainstorming lyrics, he insisted that it be 'monster' instead of zombies.) :

"The itsy bitsy monster wanted to eat brains,                     (gobbling hand motions)
the itsy bitsy monster tried to be brave,                              (fists by face exaggerated scared acting)
Out came the mob and frightened him away,                     (angry mom motions)
and the itsy bitsy monster crawled back into his grave!"   (digging down motion)

He usually asks for each of these, in rotation, and sometimes requests that a different one of us take over the singing.

I worry sometimes that we are warping him somehow with this--I mean, I hope he doesn't realize one day in fifth grade that zombies are not real, the way some people realize narwhales *are.*  But I think we tell him often enough that zombies aren't real, and show him that we are pretending for him to get the gist of it. He is a pretty excellent pretend zombie, too.  At first we went with 'zombies tickle' approach, since we didn't want to encourage biting in a toddler. It was inevitable, though, that he eventually learned zombies bite. Now when he is playing zombie and I let him get the advantage, he will sometimes very gently zombie nom my face. This leads me to believe that he knows that there is a difference between real and pretend. He shows compassion i many other ways, so I am pretty sure we're not creating a tiny psychopath.

We can't be the only parents with a kiddo this weird, right? Maybe there are others and we should write a book with all of our zombie theme tunes.

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