Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Absentia Pt 2: Sickness

Before our babysitter Lindsey had to leave us,we had gotten into a good rhythm with Toddlesworth. He knew what was up, and he liked Lindsey. In fact, the first time he reported what he dreamed, it was Lindsey and Adam (Adam is a five year old was often in Lindsey's care.) kicking a soccer ball and riding on a skateboard. I must have been thrilled with his answer, because to this day whenever I wake him up and ask him what he dreamt about, he will say "Lindsey and Adam, kick'n' a soccer ball!"

Toddles, I assume like most babies, very much prefers to be with both of us. I remember a specific event back before he could talk when I brought him up to the desk where Clark was working. He wordlessly reached towards his dad, then when I handed him over, he reached back towards me. I grabbed him, and he reached back towards his dad. He was close enough at that point to put a hand on his dad's shoulder, and pull him closer, and he just looked back and forth at each of us with a HUGE grin on his little baby face. We always teased each other about who was his favorite of the moment, but this made it clear to both of us that his very very favorite was both of us. Therefore, Toddles was very happy to stay with us throughout the day when Lindsey left.

Things weren't that easy on us however, so we were looking for new childcare when this new situation was sprung on us. I was glad we had not yet decided on a daycare center, as the first couple weeks we didn't have a second car and I would have had no way to get him to it. So we had to be flexible, and the first couple weeks we switched off-Lord C took him one week, and my mother watched him during the day. The next week, I kept him with me, and a very generous friend drove at least 40 minutes round trip to pick him up in the morning and drop him off in the evening. The first several weeks where Toddles was switching back and forth and spending most of every day away from either parent or any place he knew led to there being more than a bit of regression. Toilet training took a big slide backwards and he became a bit clingier than previously.

However, the past two weeks have been the roughest. Three weeks ago Toddlesworth spent the week with Lord C. They also took along a friend, Chelsea, who would help take care of Toddles during the day, so that he could be closer to Lord C. during the day. (Same city rather than a city an hour away where my mother lives.) Things went well for them there; Chelsea said that Toddles was well behaved and even tried to help her take care of her own little one. We wanted to try having her watch Toddles during the week so that he could stay in his 'playroom,' be in familiar territory, and have me nearby if I was needed.

Friday, April 25, 2014

In Absentia: Pt 1

We certainly didn't mean to be absent for so long, but hopefully we can push forward and get back into the habit.

Things got busier at the hotel, and for a couple months we had a dozen long term stays with us. They were early risers so we made special accomodations for them and set our breakfast out earlier than usual. In addition, our babysitter/nanny had to leave due to health issues, and we were keeping Toddles with us full time while searching for alternative child care. This led to a cycle of (one of us, usually Lord C) getting up at 4:30AM, the other getting up with Toddlesworth, us switching off with who was in the office, or both being there and taking Toddles with us. It would end with both of us being so tired we would fall asleep when putting Toddlesworth to bed, only to start the cycle over again the next day.

That was rough enough, but about five weeks ago an exciting (and taxing) development occurred. One of our sister properties lost its manager with no notice. The home office called upon Lord C. to jump in and bail out that hotel, as it was taking on water. The issue is, that hotel is four hours away from the one we manage currently. He has been spending four and a half days there each week since then.