Friday, April 25, 2014

In Absentia: Pt 1

We certainly didn't mean to be absent for so long, but hopefully we can push forward and get back into the habit.

Things got busier at the hotel, and for a couple months we had a dozen long term stays with us. They were early risers so we made special accomodations for them and set our breakfast out earlier than usual. In addition, our babysitter/nanny had to leave due to health issues, and we were keeping Toddles with us full time while searching for alternative child care. This led to a cycle of (one of us, usually Lord C) getting up at 4:30AM, the other getting up with Toddlesworth, us switching off with who was in the office, or both being there and taking Toddles with us. It would end with both of us being so tired we would fall asleep when putting Toddlesworth to bed, only to start the cycle over again the next day.

That was rough enough, but about five weeks ago an exciting (and taxing) development occurred. One of our sister properties lost its manager with no notice. The home office called upon Lord C. to jump in and bail out that hotel, as it was taking on water. The issue is, that hotel is four hours away from the one we manage currently. He has been spending four and a half days there each week since then.
He leaves here Sunday afternoon, and has been arriving back Thursday night around midnight. This has left me in charge of this hotel while he is managing that one. During his day here, we try to squeeze in some family time with trips to either the state park or 'park with slides and kids' as Toddles calls it. Up until last week, we were also a household with only one (working) vehicle. This made it nearly impossible for me to attend certain meetings in town, or to do any last-minute shopping for tho hotel. So, for the first several weeks, a large chunk of our 'together time' was spent shopping for ourselves and the hotel. We also try to give each other one day off (Though I don't think that ever goes perfectly, at least we get to sleep in a bit and stress out less during the attempt.)

This extra work has, in my opinion, made Lord C shine. He handles being under pressure well. I'm sure he would like to tell you more about what he is doing himself, however.

For my part, I was worried about having my training wheels taken off, but things have gone fairly smoothly at the hotel so far. However, 15 hour days have become the standard, sleep deprivation hasn't been this bad since Toddles was a newborn, and being trapped at the hotel all week really started to wear on me before getting a second vehicle.
The last two weeks have been the most trying, by far, but I'll go into that more soon. I plan to push harder towards blogging more, even if I'm pushing through sleep deprivation to do it!

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