Friday, May 2, 2014

In Absentia Pt 3: Health

By Lady Covington

As a flipside to our sickness post, I'd like to talk about how this latest separation issue has affected our recent lifestyle changes. I'll start by linking this post which we *should* have posted back in February, but actually only got posted since our return. It is interesting how fast my feelings about things have changed.

I think I have been doing pretty well. My consumption of bread products/gluteny things has definitely increased slightly, but I have still been keeping my calories more or less in check. During the first few weeks, I got an extremely early start and had incredably full days. I was uncertain about how I'd do when the management role fell first to me, so I spent a lot of time making sure everything was perfectly in order and I knew where things were. This led to me not taking any real breaks until my day was basically over,  so my day would be not eating breakfast, eating lunch around four or 5 pm, when I finally called it 'quits'-ish, then snacking on high calorie foods I wouldn't normally be able to fit in with all my extra calorie allotment. 500 calories of Gardein orange chicken, then two slices of cake? Why yes, yes I will.

Oh, the deliciousness!

I would find myself jealous of Lord C when he told me about having eaten only an apple and a granola bar because that is all he'd had time for.  I know he's even busier than I am, and food is less readily accessible for him.  I might have liked to have less food stocked in the house upon his absence, but I have to consider Toddles and his occasional ravenousness, and Toddler-style pickiness. (As a side note, Toddles pickiness is not like Standard American Diet Toddler pickiness. He does love tater tots, French fries, pizza, and tea, and we tend to get those as treat foods on the weekends as a family. He will declare he wants carrots/mushrooms/broccoli for dinner, and I'd better have them available! The other night I happily told Lord C that Toddles was sitting on my lap at dinner time, eating cauliflower and hummus. He asked what they each were, practiced the words, then declared "This delicious!" He then gave me a piece and said "Here mom, you dip it."

 Even on the days where I feel I have failed horribly by going hundreds of calories over my allotment, I have a realistic view of where I am. On my worst days, I *might* clock 1500 calories. Lord C and I will occasionally muse about our gluttonous meals we had before this lifestyle change. At our worst, we would easily eat 1500 in a meal. We counted up the calories in the giant bowls of cheesy pasta we loved, and became increasingly horrified:

A whole bag of pasta:                              210 calories/serving, *7  = 1470
An entire bag of Daiya cheese:                  90 calories/serving, *8  =   720
An entire bag of Gardein Chickn' strips: 160 calories/serving, *3  =   480
At least a few Tbsps of Smart Balance:      100 calories/Tbsp,  *3 =   300

If you're following the numbers here, they are NOT pretty.     Total: 1770 CALORIES/885 EachI know some days this would last through lunch/dinner, but there were plenty of other foods throughout the day that were equally calorie-laden.

So, I feel pretty good about where I am, diet wise. I do wish I could be exercising a bit more, but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to do that first thing in the morning.  We have gotten in a few family walks when Lord C is in town, but I would like for those to increase in number.

Because of the decrease in exercise, my weight loss has slowed down, but has not stopped. It is still happening fast enough that I can feel the difference in my body and see it on the scale. I have lost close to 50 pounds so far this year, but I have a ways to go.... I have broken obese and am now only at the high end of overweight. Some clothes are loose that used to be tight. Some clothes I have had to pack away because they don't fit me at all now, which is a pretty good feeling.  I'm sure I weighed around here before while we were taking martial arts, but the body changes I noticed then were more about gaining muscle, and I lost quite a bit of weight in my coma after my car accident but I gained it back before I could walk again, so never really got to appreciate it.  Depending on my level of sleep deprivation, when I have even a little bit of energy to spare moving my body feels good now, not like a chore. I might run somewhere just because I feel like it, or more happily go along with Toddles exploration rather than trying to convince him it was time to be done.   I am happy with my progress so far, and excited to see where it leads me! I only wish I'd started a year ago. Like many things in my life, it was much scarier a prospect to start than it is to do it in actuality.

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