Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Big News and the Big Brother's Reaction

In short:

The longer version:
We made the decision to try for another baby at the beginning of the year. With our track record we thought we'd be due in October at the latest. We were so sure of it I bought some Halloween baby clothes on clearance last year. I was just being practical, right?

Things took a bit longer than we'd expected, especially with Lord Covington being out of town most of every week for three months.

In July, I took a pregnancy test on a reasonable date and got a negative. I was becoming used to this, so we waited and waited to get to try again. Finally, I realized an entire month had passed and took another test. It came back positive about as dark and sudden as a test could get. It turns out the first test may have just been a few days too early, and I hadn't taken another out of some misplaced fear of 'wasting' them. A couple weeks later we were able to pinpoint things with an ultrasound. I was about “8weeks” along before I realized, and I hadn't had any symptoms. (Of course they developed immediately after taking the test!) At the time of the ultrasound, I was10wks and 4 days, (and I am 12 wks at the time of this posting.) It was pretty amazing to see our baby look so babylike so early. When we first got to see Toddles he looked more like a tiny fish.

We had been 'prepping' Toddles for this event for a while. Before we were anywhere near trying, we had a book in rotation called “The Bear's New Baby” In it, an older sibling to be anxiously awaits the arrival of her new baby sister. “It seems like it is always soon and never now!” She is disappointed to find that her sibling is actually a brother, and not nearly as fun as she imagined, even asking if he can be returned. She learns to appreciate her little brother as he becomes a little older and more fun, but in the end tells her family she wants to keep him, but she wants the sister kind too. After reading this book countless times, it seems fitting we can tell Toddles “The baby will come in the spring!”

We have been asking Toddles for quite some time if he would like a baby brother or sister. For many months, his answer was a very adamant “NO I DON'T WANT!”

One day, about three months ago, I asked him the question I'd asked about once a week: “Toddles, would you like a baby brother or sister?”
“Weeellll....” Started off Toddles, with the drawn out pause that meant he was really considering it “...a sister!” he concluded.

It was almost like a running joke at the time, so I was a bit shocked and very pleased with his answer. Since then, he has wavered back and forth between wanting a brother or a sister, and occasionally still reverts back to not wanting one at all. Generally though he is accepting and even quite considerate. He asked for coffee one day and I told him I wasn't going to be getting any. He got frustrated and Lord C told him I wasn't going to have coffee because it could hurt the baby. (I don't have anything against moderate caffeine consumption during pregnancy, I just didn't feel like having any right then.)  Toddles rubbed my arm and said “Oh, I sorry.” I told him it was fine, and he hadn't done anything wrong. A few days ago we were laying in bed and he was rubbing his feet across my belly. Since his usual foot-belly interactions involve kicking while turning over at night, I asked “What are you doing?” “The baby like this?” asked Toddles. “Aww, that's sweet! The baby is too small to feel that right now. Later, you'll be able to feel him move and he'll be able to feel and hear us.” “Ok!” said Toddles.

A couple weekends ago, we made a three hour drive to Dallas to pick up a fancy stroller found at a great price on Craigslist. Lord Covington supervised Toddles pushing it to the car. Later, he told me Toddles had said “This for my baby brother or sister!”

Obviously we're very excited to welcome a new family member to our tiny household. We have known for some time that our 'home office' was going to be moving us to a new hotel in a different city, once it is built. Construction has started, so it will be interesting to watch the progress of the building as compared to the progress with my belly. If the move date fall within a month on either side of my due date, it is going to make things very.... interesting. If it falls after my due date, then we will have an interesting bit of time where we are a family of four living in one room.

There are also considerations to be made when it comes to our birth plan this time around, which we will be discussing in more detail on our next post!

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