Monday, March 2, 2015

Baby Movements

I've stated that baby movements are my favorite part of pregnancy. This time around it may be superseded by ultrasounds, since the reason I like the movements is because you get some idea of what the little one is up to.

This time around, I was able to feel movement super early. From about 8-11 weeks I could feel little movements (often described as bubbles popping). I'd lay down in the evenings and poke and prod my uterus trying to determine where he was by his reaction. Even that early on I was super surprised to get what can best be described as a giant startle reaction when I poked him one time. It felt like a little minnow fish wriggling away from the poke very quickly. (All of these movements were felt internally, just to clarify!)

I put on about 10 lbs pretty quickly after that and was not able to feel Wiggles for a while.

Around 18 weeks I started to be able to feel baby move again, and this time I could feel both internally and externally. I could feel the occasional small jab/kick, but after seeing all the aerobics he was doing in there at 20 weeks, he was doing a lot more moving that I could not feel!

Wiggles got bigger and his kicks got stronger. I'd still lay on my back and poke around and feel him move and react to me, feeling his kicks get stronger and larger. Around 25 weeks I was laying down poking him when I felt a strong kick well above my belly button. It made me realize just how large he was getting in there!  All this time, baby kicks/jabs/movements feel basically like someone is poking you from the inside. It's a bit like when you have a muscle spasm and you can see and feel part of you arm/leg moving but you know you're not doing it, only there is something else actually causing those feelings.

I started to unreasonably worry that I hadn't feel him hiccuping, but I finally did the morning of his 30 wk ultrasound. Since I happened to be visiting family, I got to lounge in bed for a couple of minutes cuddling with Toddles and feeling tiny hiccups from Wiggles. As he has gotten bigger, his hiccups have too, to the point where it is often easy to spot them from the outside. I love feeling his tiny hiccups and can't help but giggle each time because of how cute I find them!

Around 32 weeks something really interesting happens. Around this time, a baby's movements stop being so spastic and instead become slow, rolling stretching motions as they gain just a bit more control over their limbs and have a bit less room to move around. Trying to describe this, I would say its like if you stare at one of those spinning black and white disks and then look around the room or at a Van Gogh painting to see it move, only as a physical sensation.  It is especially unnerving when I go to lay down on my side and Wiggles reacts by squirming as if he's being squished terribly. I described *that* sensation as if you felt someone run their finger down you back and you turned around to see no one there. Only it's on your stomach and there IS someone there... it's basically the pregnancy equivalent of "The phone call is coming from inside the house!" It can be surprising enough to make me exclaim aloud, and to keep me awake for a while.

I'm now at 37 weeks, and Wiggles is getting so big I think I can feel every little movement. Toddles movements were never uncomfortable, but with Wiggles some of his movements are downright painful. I've said he's probably going to come out with devil claw nails. I'm still glad of the movements; they always comfort me, like Wiggles is telling me he's alright in there. At this point, I don't expect him to come out before his due date, so we've likely got at least three weeks left. Even so, the time is growing near that I look forward to: where I can admire his little movements without going "Oh geez, OW!" every time!

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