Saturday, March 28, 2015

What I've Been Up To: Nursery Projects: Cradle Ruffle!

So I am officially at 41 weeks today. I'm hoping to go into labor today or tomorrow, otherwise (and even possibly then) I'll have some decisions to make on Monday.

I thought I'd show one of the reasons I have multiple pregnancy tracking apps:
This is "I'm Expecting" It cycles through a bunch of cute baby pictures at the top, has a progress bar with a countdown, and lets you track symptoms. Usually it says "You have 5 days to go" right over the bar. As you can see, at 40 weeks it just says you're past due. Thanks pregnancy app, thanks. I never would have known.

This week they gave up altogether. I don't even get to track symptoms or weight anymore (not that I want to at this point!) It still says only "You are past due" in the middle, but you can't see it due to the baby bottle.   The app on the right is BabyCenter Pregnancy App. It goes till a full 42 weeks pregnant with different bits of info, and then till the end of the second week of baby. They also have baby tracking apps which I will be using.

Look how BabyCenter tries to be comforting, even though I have -7 days to go!

So I guess it's time for another nursery craft: The Cradle Ruffle!
I don't sew, but really wanted a crib ruffle. Specifically I wanted something with lime green to offset the dark mattress sheets. I purchased the material when I was visiting my mom, making the rocket roller coaster table. I had originally planned on having to hand sew it, when I didn't have time to sew it while visiting my mom. Thankfully, an employee who lives close by was willing to bring her machine over and let me use it.  That turned this into a simple, quick project even for a novice!  The cradle was approximately 18x36, so I figured out in the store the least I could spend to get a decent ruffle. I started with fabric that was 45" wide, and I purchased 1.5 yards of it. I cut it down the center, since I didn't need it to hang down very far, sewed the two halves end to end, hemmed the bottom, and hemmed the top with room to slip elastic through. 

I then ran elastic through the band I'd created at the top, making sure to give it a bit of ruffle but not worrying about making it difficult to stretch around the cradle. I found the lovely matching ribbon, and hand sewed several section into position at the corners and the place where the two ends meet. I had also purchased wonderful bright blue matching ribbon, but I didn't pay enough attention to the type and it ended up being plastic-y stuff made for floral arrangements. I have yet to find the same color in actual fabric, but I'll be adding a few more bows if I do!

Here is the cradle in its spot by the bed. There is just enough room. The blankets were a last minute find, with wonderful colors/patterns to match my theme-very happy to come across them! They are packed away until baby actually gets here, and the mattress is in the cradle now, but still wrapped in plastic until then as well. 

With the mobile set up, it reminds me a bit of the Doctor's cot, which pleases me greatly!


  1. You did a great job In her. I can't believe it's that time already, although I am sure you are ready. What else do you need for the little guy? Do you have a quilt for the bed yet? Good luck and let us know when the arrival day happens.

  2. Oh yes, I've been ready for some time! I just hope *he* is soon!

    We have plenty of baby blankets. The only things left on the baby registry are fun nursery items in rocket/robot/space theme and clothes, I'm wanting some more little complete suits, like these:

    I'd love anything like that you could find in resale shops (This town has a horrible selection), or if there is a Burlington Coat Factory there, they often have little suits on sale for as low as $10.

    However, we should have all the 'needs' well taken care of, and certainly don't expect you guys to get us anything! We'll be sure to let you know when Mr. Stubborn gets here!