Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What I've Been Up To: Nursery Projects: Rocket Toy Box!

       So, obviously I'm making these posts in an effort to distract myself from the fact that Wiggles is still not here. At this point my main worry is that all my trying to be patient and let my body do it's thing is going to fail and I'll still end up with a repeat C-Section. I'm already second guessing myself and thinking I should have tried to bribe the doctor into a Saturday delivery at 39 weeks so I could have a pi day baby.  By now I'd be cuddling a ten day old.  As much as I want a favorable birth experience, these thoughts are hard to ignore when I'm worried it won't work out anyway and when I'm so ready to meet this baby.
        My Doctor doesn't understand why I wouldn't want another C-Section, which is a tad annoying. On the other hand, he is still good at reassuring me of my concerns. I talked to him about meconium aspiration, since Toddles was born stained green. He said that it wasn't a real issue these days, and only when there was very little fluid, and that they would monitor fluid starting next week. 
        My main concern is of course not wanting another Emergency C-Section. I want instant skin to skin and bonding time with baby, which was my main reason for wanting a home birth last time, and something I was ultimately absolutely denied. As long as there is no emergency situation going on at the time of his birth, then a C-Section at this hospital will likely hit more of the points I want than the hospital Toddles was born at.
        I'm still really surprised that a doctor couldn't comprehend any reason why a mom would want to give birth the 'natural' way, even being a male. If *he* were the one to get pregnant after he and his wife conceived, wouldn't there be a sense of frustration? Having to have a surgery when you didn't want one? Even feelings of loss, over not having your children come into the world the way you'd always expected? When it is so intimately connected to your very body, it's hard not to feel like there is something wrong with you, that you aren't able to do this thing that has been done since time immemorial.
        Enough whining self pity. I'm still trying my best to be patient and hopeful. In the meantime, more crafts!

This is also not a strictly 'nursery' craft, but is made for the boy's room and in theme, so I'm including it here.
We made a rocket prop for Toddles' one year photo shoot, and afterwards I wanted to keep it around as a toy box. It was duck tape stuffed with immense amounts of pillow stuffing, and it didn't have any actual structure to it, so I was not able to come up with anything to make that idea work. I still wanted a rocket toy box, so I had to start from scratch.

I decided to use the method in this Epbot cauldron How-To, and started off with an 18x48in concrete form cylinder base.

Actual usuable space.

I cut dozens of ribs while Lord Covington taped them in place.

I left space at the bottom for the fins to go, so that it could be sitting on its base but look like the fins were propping it up.

Many fins. Such mess.

Fins are attached to the base here...

and taped together like so. You can also see a circle of carboard that will be taped on the bottom (We atually did three layers to make sure it was sturdy enough.)

Then, the taping began. I first had to go around the entire thing making sure there was tension between the ribs so that they would mostly stay in place for the bulk of taping.

Then, taping. We went through many rolls of duck tape.

It was a good opportunity to get rid of all our extra partial rolls.
After the rocket was taped, I cut two port holes for toy access. This was far more labor intensive than I had anticipated. I thought I'd be able to use a Dremel, but the angle made it impossible. I ended up using a keyhole saw and patience.

After cutting the holes, I taped around the exposed cardboard to re-solidify the surface. 
The next step SHOULD have been to paper mache the entire thing several times, but I was not able to do this during my week of super crafting, where Lord Covington was out of town with Toddles in tow. I completed many craft projects that week, but ran out of steam on this one. It remained unfinished until a couple weeks ago. We finally decided to just go the expedient route and tape over everything again, in the colors we were wanting to use. We went with a shiny chrome tape for the body, lime green for the top and fins, and some accent marks in black.  
Here is the final product, filled with a couple plastic tubs worth of stuffed toys.  I attached the lid with rope so that it can be dumped upside down to clear it completely out when warranted, and there are also two ropes shown here on the front side to help with lifting/moving. By the time we were ready to get this into its final spot, I could not physically lift it into position, my bump would not allow it! I am pretty happy with the results. This ended up being a fairly cheap project, with the most expensive part being the duck tape.
Concrete form: approx $15
Cardboard: (free)
Duck Tape for base layer: at least three big rolls, $10, and five partial multi colored rolls (on hand)
Duck Tape for top layer: $26 (Chrome duck tape one roll + extra, $14, lime green, two rolls" $8, black: one roll, $4.)
Curtain rope from fabric store: $8

Total cost: $59
Considering any wooden toy box would cost at least twice as much, and that we get something on theme in the colors we want this way (and that takes up less floor space!) I think it was a worthwhile project.

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